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The Founding Of Golden State Republican Women

In 2023 a group of 47 politically active Republican women in California saw the need for a new statewide Republican women’s group in the state.  Our group wanted to participate in politics by pulling together thousands of women in the state of California who share our same values, are interested in and excited by conservative politics, have a positive mental attitude, and the ability to be kind to one another.

At this pivotal time in California history it is vitally important that all Republican women have a voice and a platform to work with the California Republican Party to effect critical changes that will restore our state to its values of faith, family and freedom.

On August 2nd and 3rd, after many planning meetings on Zoom, and after naming our organization the Golden State Republican Women, we met in person to gel together our desire to found a strong Republican women’s statewide organization.  Lead by President Janet Price, 1st VP Gretchen Cox, and other hard-working women, the Golden State Republican Women pored over ideas, wrote a set of Bylaws, voted on a logo, and met in sub-committees to discuss and plan the foundations of our alliance.

Golden State Republican Women (GSRW) applied for a charter at the California GOP, and was accepted to apply.  There was a floor vote on October 1, 2023 at the CAGOP Convention in Anaheim and GSRW obtained our charter on that date!


We further plan to:

  • Bring dozens of independent Republican women’s clubs together as a unifying organization and support our wonderful, hard-working Republican officials and candidates in California.
  • GSRW will provide the opportunity to engage with, support, and influence Republican legislators, representatives, political experts and other local, state, and national leaders.
  • GSRW will conduct leadership training events.
  • GSRW will continue to provide regular legislative updates on bills, vital statewide information, a quarterly newsletter, and an informative website.
  • And Golden State Republican Women will work hard to attract young, Republican women,  as well as women of all ages and ethnicities in California to our organization.

The 18 Founding Clubs of Golden State Republican Women and Their Regional Locations

REGION 2 – Thank you to Regional Director Tabitha Gomez

Chico Evening Republican Women 
Sacramento Republican Women

REGION 4 – Thank you to Regional Director Barbara Hallmeyer
Clovis Fresno Republican Women
Kings County Republican Women
Merced County Republican Women

REGION 5 – Thank you to Regional Director and 3rd VP Nancy Wofford
Conejo Valley Republican Women 
Westlake Village Republican Women
Monterey Peninsula Republican Women
Simi Valley / Moorpark Republican Women
Thousand Oaks Republican Women

REGION 6 – Thank you to Regional Director and Parliamentarian Pro Tem Valerie Evans
East San Gabriel Valley Republican Women
Valley Unity Republican Women

REGION 7 –  Thank you to Regional Directors Val Emick and Gale Hunt
San Bernardino Republican Women
San Gorgonio Pass Republican Women

Capistrano Valley Republican Women
Fullerton Republican Women
La Habra Republican Women

We wish to thank each of these Founding Clubs, because they have been the “wind beneath our wings”.  These ladies have been the most supportive, active, willing to help, and exceedingly kind “Republican Women” as can be possible!  Thank you so much!

We also wish to thank our Planning Committee members, without whom we would not have been able to take up such a monumental task.  Thank you, Ladies!  We’re going to bring conservative values back into state leadership in California!  Now let’s go get ’em!  


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