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Help elect President Trump by donating to his campaign:


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Make a big impact with a small time commitment by joining Trump Force 47.


Find out about President Trump’s plans by reading Agenda 47.


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GSRW Club Activities

Want to help President Trump, but not sure where to start?  Having success requires making a plan, so here are some ideas of ways you can help as a club.

Swamp the Vote USA

Trump Caravans

GSRW Club Fundraisers

How to Raise Money for Trump

Trump Party Items You’ll Love

Using Canva to Make Flyers & Ads

Hear From President Trump Why Voting Before Election Day is Critical in 2024

Republicans must win – and we must use EVERY appropriate tool available to beat the Democrats, they are destroying our great country! Whether you vote early, absentee, by mail, or in person we are going to protect the vote.

Do your part to fix the damage Joe Biden and the far-left liberals have caused by Swamping Them with Votes.  Request your absentee or mail ballot or pledge to vote early in-person today!  You can also confirm your voter registration details or pledge to vote on Election Day.

(Taken from SwamptheVoteUSA.com)

MAGA - A Winning Hand!