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Our Donors

Golden State Republican Women thanks the angel donors that have helped our political organization as it is being founded. Here we recognize and thank those who have donated.

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2024 Election Endorsements

2024 Election endorsements made by the Golden State Republican Women (GSRW) California state Republican women's political organization.

The Founding Of Golden State Republican Women

In 2023 a group of 47 politically active Republican women in California saw the need for a new statewide Republican women’s group in the state.  Our group wanted to participate in politics by pulling together thousands of women in the state of California who share our same values, are interested in and excited by conservative politics, have a positive mental attitude, and the ability to be kind to one another. At this pivotal time in California history it is vitally important that all Republican women have a voice and a platform to work with the California Republican Party to effect critical changes that will restore our state to its values of faith, family and freedom. On August 2nd and 3rd, after many planning meetings on Zoom, and after naming our organization the Golden Stat...