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President's Message

Welcome from GSRW President Janet Price

It is my honor to serve as Golden State Republican Women President.  This year promises to be transformative to Republican women in California and we are excited to start the groundwork!

These last two years have seen unexpected changes in California and in our country which have led to a decline in our culture and traditional way of life.  We are now committed to blunt the attacks on our republic and to restore in our state the values of faith, family and freedom we have long cherished. 

In contrast to the current progressive culture which continues to divide Americans, creating  a growing sense of malaise and discontent, GSRW offers hope for a brighter tomorrow… and that tomorrow begins today!

There has never been a time when our message has been more needed nor more welcomed!  California is looking for strong leadership and direction that will guide us back to the personal freedoms and opportunities that once made our state golden.

As divided as Californians appear to be, there is much more that unites us.  Our citizens want secure borders, quality education, safe streets, a return to law and order, free and fair elections, respect for our military, police and first responders, and the freedom to practice our faith openly without fear. Republicans highly value the dignity of the individual and of all human life.

Our basic tenets bind us together and have weathered the test of time throughout our country’s history.  Yet as world history goes, we are still a young nation.  We have relied on our Constitution and foundational documents which have kept us strong and free for over two centuries.

There are those whose primary aim, however, is to destroy our government, our laws and our very way of life.  Our inaction makes them bolder and more dangerous than ever! That is why there is no greater urgency than at this time to unite with one goal and one voice.  We must motivate, educate and activate.

We in Golden State Republican Women welcome women of all ages, all ethnicities, and all stripes of Republican values and we ask you to join us in this fight.  Unity is our strength and together we must and we WILL win!!  A win for California is a win for the United States of America. 

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