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Regional Directors’ Tool Kit

Thank you for accepting the position as a Regional Director for the Golden State Republican Women!  We really appreciate your willingness to take on this job.  Here is a tool kit to help you with your journey.


  • CFRW Contacts Are Important
    Familiarize yourself with the CFRW President, the other 8 Regional Directors, the Website Manager by getting their names, cell phone numbers, and email addresses from this convenient PDF.
  • How to Create and Use a Club Presidents Contact List for Your Region
    Make sure you get the name of each club in your region, their Club President’s name, cell phone number and email address.  Set those up in a bulk email list so you can send one email and reach all of the clubs in your region.
  • Membership Specialists
    Listed below are the Membership Specialists for each Region. These ladies are the lead person in the CFRW Membership Program. Each has access to the CA GOP voter lists and can provide the clubs a personalized list of qualified, registered Republican women in their area. They provide the club president and membership team the tools necessary to expand membership. Contact your Region’s Specialist and she will reach out to the clubs in your Region to help them implement the program.
    +  Janet Gardner in Regions 1 & 6 || jgardner@pacbell.net
    +  Bunny Hacker in Regions 2, 3 & 9 || bunny328@reagan.com
    +  Gina Rishwain in Region 4 & 5 || gina.rishwain@yahoo.com
    +  Maxine Robinson is in Regions 7 & 8 || maxiemail95959@gmail.com
  • CFRW Club Presidents Center
    Familiarize yourself with the Club Presidents Center and encourage your region’s club presidents to send in the application below so they can log in and get a set of directions on what they need to be doing as the leaders of their clubs.
  • Club President Center Access Application
    Club Presidents in your region will all need to fill this out when they agree to become a club president for their RWF.  This application form will go to our website manager to notify her that a club president needs to be granted access to the Club President Center.  Please fill out this form for yourself as soon as you become a Regional Director so you have access, as well.
  • Club President Center Access List
    Which of the club presidents have gained access to the Club Presidents Center?  Go check out this file on Dropbox.com using your Regional Directors email (Example: region2@gsrw.org) and you’ll know which of your clubs’ presidents have gotten access.


  • Clubs Report Membership Each Month As Necessary
    Each club in CFRW reports their new and renewing members each month as the Membership Chair for the club receives paid memberships and/or membership renewals.  Make sure the clubs in your region fill out a report and pay CFRW every month that their club has new/renewing membership to report.
  • Per Capita Reporting Center
    CFRW has a Per Capita Reporting Center in this website and all clubs must use this method to perform their membership reporting.
  • Per Capita Reporting Preparer Application Form
    Every club needs someone to do the Per Capita Reporting and we keep track of that.  It can be the Per Capita Reporting Chair, the Membership Chair, the Club President or another appointed officer, but regardless of who in the club is doing the reporting, the designated reporter must click the link above and sign up to get access to the system.  Each Regional Director should also click this link and sign up as a preparer so they become familiar with how this system works.  There is a video of the training on how to complete Per Capita Reporting that is about 50 minutes in length.  

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