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Action Alert – Watch Glenn Beck on ESG

This week on his Wednesday night Glenn TV special, Glenn will delve into ESG and how large corporations are using YOUR money to fund woke agendas—while also compromising the return on your investment.

GSRW Slate of Officers for 2023-24

The 2023-2024 slate of Officers for GSRW were elected through a vote of confidence at the August 2, 2023 GSRW Planning Committee meeting.  Here are the results: Janet Price – President Gretchen Cox – 1st Vice President Nancy Wofford – 3rd Vice President Tammy Galt – 4th Vice President Christina Raughton – Recording Secretary Karen Contreras was appointed as 2nd Vice President by a vote of the GSRW Executive Committee on September 6, 2023. Congratulations and best wishes for the term!