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GSRW New Club Application

Thank you for taking the time to apply to become the newest Golden State Republican Women’s club! We need some information from you in order to process your application and get you set up.

If you are an existing club, please read and modify your bylaws to reflect your status as an independent club.  When we receive your bylaws, they will be reviewed by your District Director and the Bylaws Chairman for compliance with GSRW goals and mission.  If changes are needed the Bylaws Chairman and District Director will assist you. 

If you are petitioning to create a new club, once your club name is approved, your District Director or the Bylaws Chairman (or another officer) will provide a format and help you with writing your bylaws. 

We have a few steps that need to be undertaken in order to process your application. If you were an existing RWF club, your club’s name has already been accepted. If you’re a new club, your club name will be reviewed by the GSRW Executive Committee. We’ll be utilizing much of this information for your club’s page on our website and for our club data, so we appreciate your care in filling out the questionaire below to the best of your ability:

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Members Confirmation

Social media pages and website

Officers List


Does your Membership Reporting Chair need access to the GSRW website and training?

Meeting Details

Please Tell Us About Your Club

Please provide us with a few paragraphs about your club so we can generate interest in your group.
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(Maximum Size: 10MB, Format Supported: .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF). Please provide a photo of something about your club you feel proud about or especially like and we'll post it on the page. Be sure those pictured agree to have their faces on the club page of GSRW.
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(Maximum Size: 10MB, Format Supported: .PDF, .doc, .docx format) If you are unable to upload a file, you can instead email the bylaws to the club registry chair at [email protected].